August 6, 2020 | 1:00 PM IST
Karwachauth Special

Celebrate Karwa Chauth in auspicious Gaj kesari yog mahurat this year

The annual nirjala festival wherein women fast and pray for the well-being and longevity of their spouses is back. Though the festival is celebrated across the nation, it holds a special significance in northern parts including Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Gujarat. 

Astrologically, this year’s Karwachauth holds special significance due to the Gajkesari Raj Yog being formed due to the alignment of the Moon and Jupiter. This rare positioning is happening after 24 years. 

The festival is observed by married women who fast the entire day and as the evening dawns they get ready in their best clothes, jewellery and wear makeup. They then perform the chauth puja and listen to the vrat katha and wait for the moon to rise. After moon rise, women see it through a sieve and then see their husbands also through the sieve. The husbands then offer them sweets and water to break their fast. 

Of late, even men have joined the karwa chauth celebrations. While some of them fast along with their partners others enjoy participating in the preparations and listening to the vrat katha.

The festival, though primarily, is meant for married couple, the customs are also observed by unmarried – including men. In fact, a lot of single men and women or those in relationship observe this fast, seeking blessings from Lord Shiva and the Sada Suhagan or Akhand Saubhagyavati Parvati. The customs for the unmarried women and men vary slightly from that of married women. While they fast and listen to the vrat katha like their married counterparts, they break their fast after offering ‘arghya’ the pole star (Dhruvtara).

It could be difficult for people to spot the North Pole on their own, but they could make use of the compass apps available on their tech devices to locate it. Similarly, couples living situationally apart must thank the technology as they can see their spouses via video conferencing and break their fast.

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