August 10, 2020 | 8:42 AM IST
testing suspended

Boeing suspends testing its new 777X after door explosion incident

Boeing has suspended testing its new widebody jet 777X when one of the aircraft’s cargo doors exploded outward during a high-pressure stress test on the ground on Thursday afternoon. Boeing issued a statement on Friday stating that the Boeing team encountered an issue that required suspension of the test.
It may be noted that the 777X programme was originally scheduled to take off on its first test flight this summer, but was postponed until early 2020 by Boeing due to a problem that erupted during the development of the General Electric-9X engine. Thursday’s incident requires careful analysis and find out what led to it. The Boeing’s door will be replaced after which the test will be repeated.  

During these tests, the plane is placed under extreme stress to verify its structural strength. To check the wings, for example, a system of fasteners are connected which allow examiners to bend them up and down. Boeing's 777X, which is meant to replace the 777 and can carry 400 to 425 passengers, has already been ordered by eight airlines, including Emirates.

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