February 28, 2021 | 6:20 AM IST
murder case

Army Officer’s wife murdered by his fellow officer

The Delhi Police has found the suspected murderer of Army Officer’s wife’s murder. Army major’s wife Shailja was found dead on Saturday with her throat slit.

Army Officer's wife, Shailja Dwivedi found dead

Police found the body of Shailja in the national capital’s Cantonment area and within 24 hours of the murder, Delhi Police had identified the murderer who was Army major’s fellow colleague. He has been taken into the police custody from Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut on Sunday.
Shailja Dwivedi, wife of Lt. Col Amit Dwivedi, was found dead on Saturday afternoon near Brar Square of Cantonment area, Delhi. Police official said her body had marks that are reportedly caused by being run over by a vehicle. Police suspected that she could have been killed first and then to hide the evidence of murder, she was run over by the killer. Police has found the murderer, Nikhil Handa who is Army fellow of Amit Dwivedi. In a statement, Handa agreed that he and Shailja met in Dimapur, where Lt. Col. Dwivedi was posted. Reportedly, Dwivedi and his wife were to leave for Sudan on a UN mission in a few weeks.
Police revealed that Handa was obsessed with Shailja and was forcing her to marry him, but, she refused his proposal. Shailja was having knee pain for which she was taking physiotherapy treatment at Delhi’s hospital where Handa also acted of having migraine and got hospitalized. On Saturday, Handa again asked Shailja to marry him and when she refused, he turned aggressive and brutally murdered Shailja. To pretend, it was an accident and not a murder, Handa run over the car from Major’s wife giving severe injuries to her body. Shailja and Amit tied the knot in 2009 and have a 8 year old boy. She was a finalist of the Mrs India Earth pageant in its 2017 edition.

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