April 5, 2020 | 8:35 PM IST

A look at security preparations ahead of Trump’s visit and his sophisticated ‘The Beast’

As US President Donald Trump along with First Lady of America Melania Trump is all set to commence his 2-day tour to India on February 24th and 25th, security preparations are going in full swing. Already about 25000 police personnel have been deployed to look after the security arrangements. Meanwhile, Trump’s security paraphernalia also had arrived at Ahmedabad ahead of his visit to ensure foolproof security.

Besides this, the US Couple will be commuting in their Cadillac make armoured Limousine called ‘The Beast’ to head straight to Ahmedabad for Namaste Trump event. But wait, the vehicle in which the Trump couple will be travelling is not a usual one and is laced with some really exciting features. Let’s take a look at some of them.
•    Its five-inch thick body is a combination material of steel, titanium, aluminium and ceramics.
•    The front of the vehicle is loaded with tear gas grenade launchers and night vision cameras. 

•    It is laced with sophisticated sensors that detect and respond to nuclear or chemical weapon attack.

•    The vertical antennas act as communication jammers and detect projectiles or unmanned air vehicles.

•    The five-layered polycarbonate and glasses withstand piercing bullets. Only the driver’s window opens up to 3 inches.

•    Its armour-plated doors are 8-inch thick offering 100% protection against any chemical weapons.

•    It accommodates four persons apart from the President’s suit. It has a satellite phone at the rear seat with a direct line to the US Vice-President and the Pentagon.

•    The driver is US Secret Service agent trained to steer away from the President in case of emergency escapes and is an expert in performing 180-degree turns.

•    Fuel tank and tyres are filled with explosion prevention foam and the tyres are Kevlar-reinforced, steel rims, shred and puncture-resistant.

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