July 10, 2020 | 12:24 AM IST
heavy man

60-yr-old crushed to death as heavy man falls on him from third floor

In a freak mishap, a 60-year-old, sleeping in a handcart outside his house, was crushed to death after a 90 kg man accidently fell on him from the third-floor at Lalita Colony in Delhi’s Sarai Rohilla.
Ravinder, weighing 90 kgs, was sitting on the projection of terrace on the third floor talking on the phone when he accidently slipped and fell on the handcart stationed below and in which 60-year-old Madan Lal was sleeping.
Locals rushed Ravinder and Lal to the hospital where the latter was declared dead with a broken rib cage and damage to internal organs while Ravinder was admitted with a fracture and cuts near the eye.
Before sleeping in the cart, Lal was playing with his granddaughter and he put her to bed as she was feeling sleepy around 10.30 am. After this he too lied down in the cart and was resting when the incident took place, says a report.
Lal originally hails from Morena in Madhya Pradesh. Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) Nupur Prasad that a case has been filed under section 174 IPC based on prima facie investigations.

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