October 17, 2019 | 4:40 PM IST

1 Minute DIY cooler drink recipe for summers

Gone are the days where only water can suffice your thirst and keep your body cool. With many ideas of smoothies and instant cooling drinks, summer is becoming easy to handle.

Here we present some DIY ideas which can be made with things easily available at home. On top of that, these recipe ideas are hassle-free and take less than a minute to prepare them. Also, the drinks are loaded with anti-oxidants and instant energy booster to keep you charged up, especially during the day. The best part- you can carry it with you anywhere be it shopping or office, to keep you cool during the day.

Lemon+Mint Cooler

Take a handful of mint leaf and crush it slightly with your hands, now take a lemon (2 if small sized) and cut it in ring shapes. Now add the mix with water and enjoy your cooler throughout the day.

Cucumber Cooler

Take half of a cucumber and cut it in circles, keep this in your water bottle and enjoy your sip with refreshing cucumber flavor during your day.

Tulsi Cooler

Tulsi is known to have many benefits on human health; it will not only keep you hydrated and cool but will also boost your immunity. Just take a hand full of tulsi leaves and crush it gently with your hands, do not grind it. Add it in your water bottle and refill whenever needed.


The best combo which never goes wrong even with skin treatments; the best part is the refreshing taste with a sweet fragrance. Cut two lemons in circles and add 2 teaspoons of honey in it, mix it well with your water and carry it along with you.

So what are you waiting for? Don't wait for the next day and try these out promptly to have a refreshing sip instantly. You can also try mixing some fruit or vegetables of your taste to make your own recipe. The best part about these coolers is that you can refill you bottle by just adding water in it.

PS: Do not add salt or sugar in these as you will be sipping them throughout the day.

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