August 20, 2019 | 6:44 PM IST

Wealthy brothers behind Sri Lankan Easter Mass attacks

Two well-educated brothers from a wealthy Muslim family living in a grand white coloured, three-storey home at Mahawela Gardens turned out to be key players in Easter Sunday’s bombings at Sri Lanka. About 359 people died in the attack. The father of the brothers, Mohamed- a respected spice trader, has been arrested and is under investigation.

Inshaf (33) blew himself up at the breakfast buffet of the luxury Shangri-La hotel killing at least eight persons and Ilham Ibrahim (31) detonated the explosive killing his pregnant wife and their three children when the police raided their home for investigation.
A generous-hearted Inshaf ran a copper factory and was married to the daughter of a wealthy jewellery manufacturer. 

On the other hand Ilham was an extremist involved in meetings of National Thowheed Jamath- a local terror group suspected of involvement in planning the attacks.
Meanwhile, Sri Lanka government is initiating a ban on the burqa after a detailed investigation revealed that several burqa-clad women were associated with the attacks that killed over 359 people.

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