July 19, 2019 | 5:53 AM IST

Trailer of 1994 remake The Lion King released

Disney Studios has shared a full-length trailer, remake of the 1994 animated musical, The Lion King. The trailer opens with a warning that the law of jungle is ruthless and lion cubs Simba and Nala exploring the elephant graveyard before treading into Uncle Scar band of hyenas. Scar and his troupe of deadly hyenas behind him take on the two cubs. The trailer follows his journey as he falls in love and makes new friends. The final scene, however, shows Timon and Pumbaa leisurely humming their adorable, iconic song -- In the jungle.

Disney Lion King first released as the animated film in 1994 and since then Simbaa bas been kid's favourite from all these two decades

The Lion King is making headlines since the beginning, especially because of its heavy star cast. The film features an all-star cast voiced by Donald Glover (Simba), Seth Rogen (Pumbaa), James Earl Jones (Mufasa), Beyonce (Nala), Chiwetel Ejiofor (Scar), Florence Kasumba, Eric Andre, John Kani (Rafiki) and others. The movie, directed by Jon Favreau, is slated for a July 19 release.

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