August 20, 2019 | 7:31 PM IST

The joy reading books v/s e-Books

Books have been man’s best friend always. Today is World Book Day – a day dedicated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in 1995. The day is also observed as World Book and Copyright Day and International Day of the Book.  The day aims to encourage and celebrate the love for books.
 No doubt, it is a task to reach out to the local library to fetch a book or pay its membership especially in an era when phones, banks, and even libraries have gone digital and have scores of classics and non-classics up on the net. Even buying e-Books or being part of the e-Libraries with easy payment mode and no storage issues as well, who would prefer a paper book?
But while eBooks are having an upper hand on several issues, traditional print books aren’t going anywhere soon. They continue to be informative, non-judgemental, empower and much more. And no matter where life leads you, books will always accompany you – no wonder they are our best friends.
The next time you came across the kindergarten book you read as a child close your eyes and run your hands over the cover and feel the indefinable feeling you go through. Its odour will take you back to your childhood days and flipping over the pages or reading them will give you the joy you have been looking for digging your nose in machines, devices and materialistic gains.
Having said that, whether it is books or e-Books, they will always remain a splendid source of power and knowledge and it is important to just keep reading.

Editor In Chief

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