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MS Dhoni pays highest income tax of Rs.12.17 Crores

Former Indian Cricket Captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni becomes the highest tax payer in the states of Jharkhand and Bihar by paying income tax of Rs.12.17 Crores for the assessment year 2017-18, a senior income tax official said. “MS Dhoni has been the highest individual tax-payer in Jharkhand and Bihar for the 2017-18 FY” Nisha Oraon […]

IT Raids Chennai Contractor, Rs.160 Crores and 100 kg Gold recovered

Income Tax Department on Tuesday had their biggest recovery as Rs.160 crores and 100 KG gold is recovered from several premises of a road contractor in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. recovered cash kept in boxes The searches were launched on the premises of Ms SPK and Company, a partnership firm engaged in road and highway construction, […]