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SC refuses stay, more graphic tobacco warnings on pack soon

representative image The Supreme Court on Monday declined to put on hold Centre’s new notification that stipulates rotation of images of cancer patients on the packets of tobacco products while observing that a large number of persons were suffering from oral cancer. The notification to be brought into effect from September 1, 2018, also requires […]

All you need to know about Breast Cancer Symptoms and Diagnosis

After skin cancer breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer in women, and it is the second leading cause of deaths from cancer in women. Breast cancer occurs when cells start changing and reproducing in breast tissue. Gradually these abnormal cells gather together forming a tumour. It usually starts in the milk-producing glands of […]

China to provide Indian Anti-Cancer Drugs at Price Cut

On Monday, China agreed to initiate certain measures for the import of Indian anti-cancer drugs and other pharmaceuticals at discounted prices to provide greater access of the medicines to the Chinese market. Chinese got inspired after watching a Chinese movie ‘dying to survive’ based on story of leukaemia patient. The movie highlighted the concern to […]