July 20, 2019 | 12:18 PM IST

Sukhad Yatra App by National Highways Authority of India

Developed by National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), Sukhad Yatra App comes with several convenient features like real-time data waiting-time at toll plazas.The app was launched on Wednesday by Road Minister, Nitin Gadkari. Sukhad Yatra app is launched with a purpose to get real-time updates of the travelers. The app comes with great features that will help travelers to share their experience, where they can also give feedback to Road Ministry to improve public services on national highways.
Key features of Sukhad Yatra mobile application includes provision for the travelers to report any road accident or pothole on the highway and enter road quality-related information. Further, NHAI informs that the app will also work to provide real-time data related information to expected waiting time at Plazas. It will also inform the user about the points of interest, restrooms, fuel stations, etc. on their way to destination.
The Road Minister also announced to start minimum one model driving training centre across every district of the country and financial assistance of up to Rs.1 crore will be sanctioned for the same. This scheme will also provide employment opportunities. Along with the Sukhad Yatra application, Central Government also announced a toll free number, 1033, to report any emergency condition and highway-related feedback. The scheme is integrated along with various ambulance and tow-away services to ensure quick assistance at the time of emergency. What users can report at Sukhad Yatra App?
  • Feedback for toll plaza management
  • Feedback about FasTag facility/lane
  • Potholes and other road maintenance issues
  • Poor workmanship of construction
  • Safety hazard during road construction on national highways
  • Online recharge FasTag cards
  • Locating point of interest (POI) on the national highways
  • Reporting accident
  • Real-time data of toll plazas along with the waiting time

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