Siddaramaiah “Praises” PM Modi in New Karnataka Poll Blooper

modiChief Minister Siddaramaiah committed a gaffe on Tuesday, claiming that every vote cast for Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the May 12 Karnataka assembly polls is like casting it for him.

The chief minister committed the faux pas twice while campaigning for the party candidate in Mandya, about 100 kms from Bengaluru.

“If road work has happened, concrete roads, drainage, drinking water facilities are there, if houses have been constructed, it is all because of Narendra Modi and our government,” Mr. Siddaramaiah said.

Last month, Amit Shah left BS Yeddyurappa embarrassed with a slip of tongue, calling the latter the “most corrupt”.

But the chief minister committed the mistake by referring to him as Narendra Modi for the second time. “Everyone should understand that ever single vote cast for Narendra Modi, is like casting for me….” he said and corrected himself after the intervention of those standing next to him, including Mr Swamy.

This gaffe by the Chief Minister has come amid a war of words between him and PM Modi while campaigning.



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