April 22, 2019 | 12:11 AM IST

Salman’s ‘Dus ka Dum’ to hit the television screens soon!!

Salman Khan debuted the TV screen with his everly superhit reality show, ‘Dus ka Dum’ in 2008. The show became a massive hit for the completely new format hosted by Salman with his natural charm and trademark style that won millions of hearts. The show’s TRP translated at a huge high. Now, after a long break, one of the most high rated shows is all set to hit the TV screens again. The show will be hosted by one and only Salman Khan. The teaser of the show has already upped the excitement quotient of ‘Dus ka Dum’ fans. An 80 seconds promo is released where Salman is looking stunning with his peculiar style asking a contestant about what percentage of guys speak in English just to impress a girl. Salman itself shared the promotional video of the show on his social media account. The premiere of “Dus ka Dum” will be aired in June and is expected to have 26-episodes in a season. The show will be broadcasted on weekends on Sony TV. Participants of the show will include commoners along with some film and television stars joining the show to pump up the entertainment quotient of the audiences.

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