April 22, 2019 | 12:42 AM IST

Red Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse today

This Friday evening is going to be extra magnificent as red blood moon will rise in the sky, marking the beginning of the longest full lunar eclipse of the century. If cloudy sky and inclement weather don’t bother, the lunar eclipse will be visible in India too and people can see the eclipse with their naked eyes. In metro cities, space enthusiasts may miss out the opportunity to see full moon eclipse due to severe pollution conditions.

What is blood moon lunar eclipse?

When the Earth passes between the Moon and the Sun, the phenomenon caused is scientifically called as lunar eclipse. During the total eclipse, the Earth completely obscures sunlight and directly hits the moon as the Sun and both the Earth and the Moon comes in a perfect alignment.
Thus, when the light refracted through the Earth’s atmosphere reaches the moon, everything outside of the red wavelengths get scattered on the surface, leaving the moon appear blood red.

Lunar Eclipse 2018:

The Earth will pass between the sun and the moon on Friday evening making a phenomenon of full lunar eclipse for 103 minutes. The eclipse will be visible with naked eyes in its entirety from the Indian Ocean and its surrounding countries from India to Democratic Republic of the Congo. Eclipse will not be visible in North America. If due to poor weather conditions, you are not able to see the eclipse, then fret not, because this technology-driven world has a solution for it. You can watch the live eclipse online with YouTube live streaming channels. The live stream will start at 11:30 pm IST on Friday.

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