June 25, 2019 | 7:51 AM IST
solar eclipse

Partial Solar eclipse visible from most Asia parts on Saturday

Earth witnessed a partial solar eclipse on Saturday from 1:32 pm to 5:02 pm (IST). Thought the solar eclipse was not visible in India, eclipse-chasers or sky gazer witnessed the event through live-streams of space agencies and certain observatories.
The eclipse was visible from most of Asia, Iceland, far northern Europe, and Greenland. Some parts of northern and eastern Canada also witnessed the event. This was the last eclipse of this year and was third in less than a month.

What is solar eclipse?

During a solar eclipse, the moon moves between the Sun and the Earth, emitting its shadow on part of the Earth and obstructing the path of sun’s rays. During the event, the Sun gets partially or totally invisible from the Earth for some time.
Once in a while, the moon, the sun, and the earth come in a straight line forming a solar eclipse; however, in partial eclipse, the three are not exactly aligned in a straight line. Whether total or partial, it is extremely dangerous to observe the eclipse with the naked eyes due to high intensity of the radiations passing the Earth. Exposure to ultraviolet or infrared light can leave harmful effects on the living beings. Therefore, scientists and sky gazers use glasses with special filters to witness the eclipse.

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