Offbeat careers to look for; Growth and Scope

Whenever you ask a student about their career aspirations, most of them probably would say an engineer, a doctor, a teacher, or MBA. You will hardly come to know about the offbeat career aspirations.

This is high time when we need to break the 9 to 5 job monotony and start looking for some offbeat careers with handsome salary packages. Wish to explore something that is off the beaten path?

Tea taster

tea taster

Tea lovers can for this career option as they will get to taste different flavours of tea and that too for free.

Wine taster

wine taster

The career falls under food and beverage department of hospitality and tourism industry. And no doubt, the industry is on high demand, thus, you can make a great income at this career.

Pet grooming

pet grooming

Are you fond of animals or pets? If yes, then this is an ideal career option. It’s a totally new concept in India but the prospects are brightening day by day. One can expect minimum salary from Rs.10000 to Rs.25000, which actually a good start for freshers.

Fashion choreographer

fashion choreogrpaher

Choose a career in fashion choreography and enter the world of fashion and glamour by the time being creative too. You can earn a whopping income in the fields.

Food critic

food critic

Are you good at converting the taste experiences into words? Then food critic is an ideal career choice you can look for. One can expect a minimum salary of Rs.12000 to Rs.18000, which is quite good to start a career.

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