July 19, 2019 | 6:03 AM IST

Marine biologists name new species of shrimp found in Kutch as Cardina Kutchi’

Marine biologists from across the globe chanced upon a new species of freshwater shrimp of genus Cardina from Khari River of semi-arid region of Kutch peninsula in Gujarat. Hence, the experts have named it ‘Cardina Kutchi’ after the religion itself.

Biologist, Professor Pranav Pandya, who has co-authored the paper on the discovery, said that the new species has been found from Khari River of semi-arid region of Kutch peninsula in Gujarat. The second scientist who has worked extensively on this project is Dr Jasmine Richard of Invertebrates Division, Department of Life Sciences, the Natural History Museum, London, England. The report was recently published in International Scientific Journal, Zootaxa.

The study claims that it is the latest addition to science and marine life discovery. Cardina Kutchi is the first Cardina species to be found in Kutch which is actually known for complex geological set up.

These species with distinct features are seen in aquatic water bodies and less in Western India, which is an ecologically diverse area. According to experts who have been working on the species since over a year say it serves as ecological filters of water bodies.

The experts feel that the discovery will help encourage marine biologists and scientists to work on this species’ status and distribution in India.

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