July 19, 2019 | 5:45 AM IST

Namo Tv not to air content not certified by MCMC

The Election Commission has instructed the Delhi chief electoral officer under the Media Certification and Monitoring Committee (MCMC) that NaMo television, that was launched on March 31, will not broadcast any political content without prior approval.

The letter stated that NaMo TV is an advertisement platform sponsored by a political party and, hence, all recorded programmes and political content displayed on the channel must be certified. According to reports, the channel is airing certain content that has not been cleared by the MCMC and any such publicity material or content be immediately removed.

Meanwhile, the BJP has acknowledged that NaMo TV is run by its IT Cell. The cell’s head Amit Malviya in a report confirming the same said, “NaMo TV is a feature of NaMo app run by BJP IT cell. The party has taken slots on Direct To Home for which provisions are there t show it.” The content of the channel has been made available to the platforms not through satellite but through fibre. In 2015, the TRAI had asked the I&B Ministry to clear the content of the value-added services as it interfered the content offered by the licensed broadcasters.

The I&B Ministry had then said that NaMo TV is reportedly owned by Parag Shah, an IT professional and senior political analyst who worked under PM Modi when he was the CM of Gujarat. Interestingly, the channel has achieved a reach of 37 per cent within the short span since its launch.

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