July 18, 2019 | 1:39 PM IST
namma metro

Namma Metro Train stops, passengers locked for around 16 minutes

Passengers got locked inside a Namma Metro on a Sunday morning in Bangalore after the train came to a halt at a curve near Rajajinagar station on green line. The loco pilot exited his cabin to investigate the reason, but, locked himself out in the process. The loco pilot rushed back to the Rajajinagar metro station on to the small pathway beside the elevated tracks to get the spare key and let himself get into the train. The passengers waited anxiously inside the locked train for about 16 minutes.
BMRCL officials confirmed the incident and said the train was on the Green Line (from Nagasandra to Yelachenahalli) and left from Rajajinagar Metro station at 11:16 am heading towards Mahakavi Kuvempu metro station. “There is a certain curve along the route, near  Navrang Theatre. The train automatically came to a halt there. Perplexed by it, the young LP Kamalesh Rai, who was running the train without an assistant loco pilot, stepped out of his cabin to check what had happened”, said BMRCL Vice-President Suryanarayana Murthy. “The doors got locked automatically when he stepped out like it happens in automated cars”, he added.
Loco pilot (LP) was not a regular LP, but was a member of the emergency response team (ERT) who was trained along with approx. 50 other contract workers. Murthy lashed out at BMRCL for risking passengers’ safety. “How can BMRCL permit inexperienced people to run trains and risk the lives of passengers? Any Loco Pilot is supposed to reduce the speed when crossing the curve. Due to inexperience, this pilot did not do it. The train’s operations are automated such that it stops on its own when such errors are made. So, it stopped midway forcing the Loco Pilot to step out,” he asked.

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