August 18, 2019 | 5:36 PM IST
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Life Changing Hacks to Paint Your Nails

It will be quite expensive to visit salon every week to get a manicure done, especially, when you can DIY without draining your bank account. Check out some cheap yet creative ways to get a perfect manicure at home.

Outline your nails with petroleum jelly or white craft jelly before brushing the nail paint to avoid smudge around the nails afterwards.

Put a two basecoat layers on the nails to prevent them from chipping: one on the half of nail and the second coat covering the entire nail.

Apply a white nailpaint as a base coat to get the true colour of the coloured paint.

It is quite messy to put nail art designs directly. So, its better you paint the designs on a plastic bag first and then peel off and seal them on nails with the help of nail art glue.

Dual-tone nail art designs are fairly in trend. To get the dual-tone nail paint design, apply a lighter colour first and then seal it with a clear topcoat. Once it is dry completely, put a tape on the tip of the nail in your desired shape (say V-shape), and apply a darker paint on the entire nails. Peel off the tape. Voila you are done.

Create a marbled effect by using two different colours. Put some drops of each colour in a cup of water, swirl the drops to create a design of your choice. Then put your finger in a cup with nail facing the paint layer. Here you go with a marbled finished nail art design.

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