Karnataka Assembly Election 2018: Updates, Opinion Polls

With just 45 days to go for Karnataka Assembly Election 2018, there has seen no other strong contender standing against the BJP other than Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. The election commission on Tuesday announced the schedule of single-phase election for 224 member of Karnataka Legislative Assembly to be held on 12 May, results of which will be announced on 15 May.


BJP President Amit Shah warmly welcomed the announcement of election schedule and made the statement that the party would come to power under the strong leadership of state BJP chief, B.S. Yeddyurappa. According to Shah’s statement, the party is all fueled up to compete the offender party and if things go well, Yeddyurappa will be the next Chief Minister.

As the election fever is on, several pre-poll surveys are also conducted; and if the survey results to be believed, it is really hard for Congress to return with their leadership power in Karnataka. Therefore, it will be a tough challenge for Congress from BJP party.


Son of Siddaramaiah, Yathindra is likely to be the participating candidate of Congress from Varuna; while, BJP plans to introduce Yeddyurappa’s second son, Vijendra as a competitor against Yathindra.


  • Old Mysuru – Total 66 seats, of which, Congress has 28 seats, JDS 28 seats, BJP 5 seats, and others have 5 seats.
  • Bombay-Karnataka – Total 50 seats, of which, Congress 31 seats, BJP 16 seats, JDS 1 seat, and other 2 seats
  • Hyderabad-Karnataka – Total 40 seats, of which, Congress 25 seats, BJP 8 seats, JDS 4 seats, and others 3 seats
  • Karavali (Coastal region) – Total 19 seats, of which, Congress 13 seats, BJP 3 seats, and others 3 seats
  • Central Karnataka – Total 21 seats, of which, Congress 14 seats, BJP 3 seats, and JDS 4 seats
  • Bengaluru city – Total 28 seats, of which, Congress 13 seats, BJP 12 seats, and JDS 3 seats

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