February 20, 2020 | 5:31 PM IST
janmashtami special

Janmashtami Special: the mysterious ‘Nidhivan’ in Vrindavan

lord krishna Krishna, Kanha, Gopal, Murlidhar, Adideva, Madhav, Shyam, Brijesh, and so on. Lord Krishna is known with so many names and is called as Lord Vishnu’s eight incarnations. Janmashtami is the day celebrated as Lord Krishna’s birthday. It is one of the biggest religious Hindu festivals celebrated with lots of joy and devotion. So, on this special day, let’s take ride to Vrindavan, where Lord Krishna is said to have spent his childhood. Vrindavan is a home to temples dedicated mostly to Lord Kanha and Goddess Radha, and the most mysterious ‘Rangmahal’ of Nidhivan.

Rangmahal and its myterious tales

If locals and devotees to be believed, Nidhivan is a place where Lord Krishna visits every nights and also conducts Ras Leela. No one is allowed to remain in and around Nidhivan after the ‘SHAYAN AARTI’ because it is believed that if anyone stays in and around the place, they will lost their mental stability.
Many scientists and researchers have tried to unbox the mystery, but, the truth is still under wraps. So, until the enigma is not solved completely, we have to quench our thirst with these facts. There is a palace inside Nidhivan called ‘Rang Mahal’. Every night sandalwood bed is prepared for Lord Krishna with a water jug, Neem Daatun, Pan, Shringar Samagri, and Laddoo is kept bedaside. Post Shayan Aarti, the doors of Rangmahal are locked with 3 heavy locks and no one is allowed to enter the place once the doors are closed.
When Rangmahal is opened next morning, the bed looks as if someone has slept on it, whereas, water, neem daatun, laddoo, and pan seems like if someone had consumed. Also, the shringar samagri (which is said to be used for Goddess Radha) appears to be used. What makes it a mystery is if no one entered the palace after the Aarti and doors were locked, then who used the things kept bedside? There have been incidents when people decided to remain hidden inside the place to know the mystery under the wraps, and those have committed such things have their sight, speech, or even worse mental soundness the very next morning. Also the Tulsi trees found in Nidhivan are of different species. The trees have entangled trunk and are found in pairs. It is believed that the trees convert to Lord Krishna’s Gopis post Shayan Aarti to participate in the Ras Leela and they again change into trees as dawn breaks. It is also said that no one has been able to take Tulsi plants successfully out of the place and those who have even attempted, came across severe consequences.

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