May 26, 2019 | 6:56 PM IST
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Healthy Diet Tips for Monsoon Season

Monsoon showers do come as a relief but also bring with them health irritants like allergies, infections, and indigestion. The best mantra for Monsoon is ‘Never eat if you are not feeling hungry’. Some measures regarding what to eat and what not to eat for maintain healthy diet and protect you from the diseases during the monsoon.
  • Firstly avoid oily, heavy salty, spicy, and street food.
  • Avoid those foods which promote water retention like lime, tomatoes, tamarind etc.
  • Better eat seasonal fruits as non- seasonal, eat apples, pomegranates and pears.
  • Consume bitter vegetables like bitter guard and curd, almond to prevent from infections.
  • Eat healthy leafy vegetables.
  • Prefer foods which are drying in nature like corn, chick pea, and gram flour etc. over the watery foods like rice, lassi that swell the body.
  • Foods such as oats, brown rice, and barley are best in rainy season.
  • Only boiled drink and purified water to protect yourself from harmful germs and bacteria.
  • Prefer milk in condense form such as yogurt, curd, sweet etc. or it is better to boil it in 100 degree Celsius and then drink it.
  • Fizzy drink and warm beverages like ginger tea and green tea should be consumed.
  • Take Vitamin C to boost your immunity level.

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