July 20, 2019 | 11:19 AM IST
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Government legalizes drone from December 1; ban on use for food delivery

Here’s another proof that India is swiftly heading towards advanced technology. It is now legal to use drone for commercial purposes, however, under certain conditions. The aviation ministry issued the drone policy to be in effect from December subject to the condition that the device remains in line of sight of the person using it. Operators will be required to first get the permission and license for the commercial use of drones excluding services like taxis, delivery vehicles, and food deliver. Over excluding the services, the ministry said that it will make changes in the regulations as technology advances.
Certain parameters have been regulated such as drones can be flown to height of up to 400ft. during day time. The Ministry of Civil Aviation said that drones are a technology platform that has wide-ranging applications from photography to agriculture, from infrastructure asset maintenance to insurance. A senior ministry official said, "Drones range in size from very small and those that can carry multiple kilograms of payload. It was necessary to develop global standard drone regulations that would permit, with appropriate safeguards, the commercial application of various drone technologies."
Minister of Civil Aviation, Suresh Prabhu said, "Today we start an exciting new chapter in India's aviation history by allowing commercial use of drones. I am sure that many new and exciting applications will emerge that will propel India's economy forward. Our progressive regulations will encourage a vast Made in India drone industry."

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