March 25, 2019 | 7:23 AM IST

Google launches new search engine for researchers and journalists

Google had always come up with some innovative technologies and this time it has launched a dedicated dataset search engine specifically for researchers and data journalists to help unearth publicly available data that can aid in their projects. Traditionally, researchers and journalists relied on sources like NASA, World Bank, and ProPublica, but, newly launched tool by Google will make their work much easier. Google’s dataset search engine is launched on Thursday and it will be a companion of sorts to Google Scholar for academic studies and reports.
Institutions that publish their data online will need to put metadata tags in their webpages to describe their data including who created it, when it was published, how it was collected, and vice versa. Google’s search engine will index such information and combine with information from the Knowledge Graph.
A research scientist at Google AI Natasha Noy said that the tool’s aim is to unify tens of thousands of different repositories for datasets online. To develop Dataset search, Google has penned guidelines for dataset providers to describe their data in a way that the search engine can better understand the content of their pages. This search tool is the second part of an initiative to help researchers and journalists and increase the visibility and access to data through such a system. Earlier this year, standard search function was launched that specifically aimed to help data journalists discover data more easily.

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