April 22, 2019 | 12:04 AM IST

Festival to celebrate Brother-Sister’s Bond is here

Raksha Bandhan is just a day to go and you must have already done all the preparations for the festival. The bond we share with our siblings is simply out of this world and Rakshabandhan is a festival to celebrate this bond of love, care, affection, and of course, a lot of cat fights. As the years passes, the bond blossoms and takes strides forward in a new and gratifying direction, but, there is one thing that can never change and that is silly cat-fights of brothers and sisters.

“Tujhe to Kachre ke Dabbe se uthake laye the”

The younger sibling is always teased by elder one saying, “tujhe to kachre ke dabbe se uthake laye the”. So, if you too were teased, then don’t feel something unusual. And it’s must say that the younger one takes advantage of this and gains more love and affection from parents.

“Me jyada gora hu tujhse”

Standing in front of the mirror and comparing whose complexion is fairer and then teasing the other one saying “dekh me jyada gora/gori hu tujhse”.

“Remote mere pass hai, meri marzi ka channel chalega”

Well, a lot of time we got scolded from parents for having a fight over remote and TV channels. We got the super-powers to run and snatch the remote first to rule the television for the favourite show. While brothers are fonder to sports or adventures shows, sisters prefer fairytale-like daily soaps and of course, their interest never matches.

“Batau mummy ko us din kaha gaya tha/thi”

All-time secret keeper threatens to reveal the secret to the parents when they have a fight or argument. And the whole argument is flushed down into the gutter with just one line “Batau mumy ko us din kaha gaya tha/thi” and they are united forever till the next fight or argument.

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