July 18, 2019 | 12:52 PM IST
School bullying

Educational Institutes or Bullying School?

School bullying is a major concern in a country like India and several survey reports has claimed that children between the age of 8 to 15 years are more prone to face such circumstances. Statistically, one in every three students, on average, has suffered bullying at some point of their life. Basically, school bullying is an intentional aggressive behavior of an individual or group targeting another individual. It can be in the form of verbal bullying (name-calling, teasing, mimicking), sexual bullying (uninvited touching, vulgar gestures), physical bullying (punching, hitting), emotional bullying (making fun in classroom or in public), and cyber-bullying (posting abusive or insulting messages or images online). At this digital age, cyber bullying is getting quite common among the teenagers as they have an easy access over social media platforms. Students at this tender age cannot handle the situation and start losing their confidence, self-esteem, and temperament, which sometimes push them to take some drastic step like suicide, attacking or even murdering the bullying party. Thus, bullying can leave a long-lasting effect on one’s life and it is quite disturbing that the country is in the grasp of such major concern.

Role of Parents:

Age between 8 to 15 years is the most sensitive phase of a child as they undergo several hormonal changes and they need they need some more attention and pamper from their parents, especially, if they are suffering from school bullying. They don’t know how to share or speak up over the issue in front of their parents, thus, it is the duty of parents to look after their child.
  • Parents need to create a healthy and happy environment at home.
  • They need to constantly check if there is any change in their child’s behavior and politely ask for the reasons behind the changes.
  • Of course, life is getting a little hectic, but, parents need to make sure that they share a quality time with their child; otherwise they will grasped with serious health concerns like depression.

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