June 25, 2019 | 7:47 AM IST

Dowry: An Evil System of Indian Weddings!

Dowry, commonly known as “Dahej Pratha”, is the worst system in Indian weddings. Dowry is anything given in the form of gifts and cash to the daughter by her family at the time of marriage. It’s a distressing fact that every year thousands of marriages lead to divorce, separation, and even death of newlywed bride and yes, the reason is dowry. The Dowry Prohibition Act was introduced in 1961 to deal with such a major concern, but, still, even in this modern age, the system is practiced openly for the sake of social status.
Dowry is not a sole concern as it gives birth to other immoralities such as killing female foeticide. People belonging to middle or poor social class have a lot of pressure for meeting the dowry demands of the groom side to fix the wedding, so they believe, it is better to abort a baby girl in the womb itself or else the society will kill them with the pressure of dowry system.
We all take the pride for being an Indian, a part an of democratic country, a country which believes in “unity in diversity”, but, isn’t it shameful that in the same country a girl is killed within the womb just for the sake of few bucks and gifts in the name dowry? However, as an old Indian proverb says, ‘Boond Boond Se Ghada Bharta Hai’, it is the responsibility of every Indian to take a pledge to fight against the dowry system. Your one little step can free the country from such an evil system.

Educate your girl child

Make her self-dependent

Initiate mass media campaigns

Make the society aware of gender equality

  These steps may sound silly, but, will surely leave a huge impact on the society.

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