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Sonam Kapoor’s Mehendi Ceremony pictures out!

Finally, the celebrations of Sonam and Anand’s wedding ceremonies have all started out. The couple will take their wedding vows tomorrow in a small gathering of close friends and relatives. The celebration began today with joyful Mehendi ceremony followed by Sangeet. In the pictures revealed, Sonam is looking exceptionally stunning. The charm on her face […]

Weird relationship habits that annoys the partner to the extent

Romantic relationships are an important and most beautiful element of life. Love is one of the most profound emotions ever existed on the universe. It is essential to express the emotions with a compatible love partner. The ability to have a healthy, loving relationship is not innate. However, people generally fall in love easily, but, […]

Breastfeeding: A healthy way to your baby’s growth

As a new mother, you will get a bundle of suggestions to feed your baby in a healthy and nutritious way; and what can be better than a mother’s milk? Yes, it is scientifically proven that mother’s milk has enough protein and nutrition required for a baby’s healthy growth. But, for that purpose, it is […]

The Best and Ideal Wedding Dress Shopping Tips for Bride to Be

Of course, you are pretty much excited for the big Day of your life, but, beware of making silly mistakes while shopping for the wedding. Definitely, your wedding attire is the most exciting thing of the entire wedding, so it is important to shop very carefully for the wedding attire. Here are some tips you […]

For Parents of Abused Children : Help Your Child to Overcome Sexual Abuse

It’s quiet disgusting that every day we heard news of child abuse. Kathua Rape case and Geeta rape case are some recent examples where both the victims were found dead. While the law has been passed that the accused will be hanged to death if the rape victim is younger than 12 years. Well, the […]

How to deal with Sleepiness during office hours?

Well, feeling sleepy and lazy at some days is normal, but, excessive sleepiness can ultimately affect the everyday life of an individual. So, if you too feel sleepy and keep yawning during the office hours, then these tips might help and get rid of sleepiness. Changing the sleeping habits Follow a strict sleeping schedule Distract […]

Teenager’s Social media presence and their lifestyle

It is very common to see teenagers posting attractive pictures and videos at Facebook and Instagram to remain popular among their friends and relatives. According to the researchers, content that makes them appear interesting, well-liked and attractive to their friends and peers is a primary goal for adolescents when deciding what to share in digital […]

Ways to deal with Pre-wedding anxiety: Tips for Handling Your Wedding Day

So, you are engaged now and the wedding date is ringing on the calendar, and you are nervous for your big day? Well, it’s a common feeling every bride-to-be and groom-to-be go through. Yes, groom-to-be experience the equal nervousness or say, just a little less than that a bride-to-be experiences; but, certainly both are nervous […]

Let’s Find Out Ways to Spice up a Long-Distance Relationship

Being in a long-distance relationship (LDR) has never been so easy, but, if the couple is willing to take their love further, all the challenges are just like a tiny pebble in their way. Before moving into a long-distance relationship, there are so many counsels given to the couple by their group of peers. Generally, […]

About Stephen – Stephen Hawking | Legendary Scientist

The physicist and author, Stephen Hawking died on Wednesday at his residential place in Cambridge at the age of 76.Born on 8 January 1942, he was a British theoretical physicist, author cosmologist, and Director of Research at Centre for Theoretical Cosmology at University of Cambridge. His scientific works include gravitational singularity theorems in collaboration with […]