July 20, 2019 | 11:45 AM IST
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Brilliant bag pack hacks for travel

Travelling is always fun, but, packing bags isn’t. It is the most hectic task to get it finished a day before taking off. Of course, we always love to take easier and hassle-free ways to get the things done, but, we probably have thought of bag pack hacks. So, here some brilliant bag pack hacks to give you an exceptional travelling experience.

Make a list first

Let’s keep first at first. Make a list of essentials you need to carry with you on the trip, but, make sure to include only the essentials in the list.

Packing cubes

Order some packing cubes online to make the packing mess-free. Even just two sets of packing cubes can help you to organize things better in a bag.

Beauty Travel hacks

  Keep your makeup essentials in a convenient way and follow some beauty travel hacks. For instance, instead of keeping the whole shampoo bottle, get a straw, seal it from the one end, pour the required quantity of shampoo, and seal it from other end as well. Follow the same for moisturizer, body lotion, and other beauty essentials.

Cords and charges

It will more than a nightmare if your mobile and laptop cords and chargers get damage half a way of your journey; thus, it is best to wrap up mobile and laptop cords safely.

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