October 17, 2019 | 3:00 PM IST

Bombay HC grants permission to remove fetus upto 20 weeks gestation to keep the Mother healthy

In view of keeping the expecting mother healthy, Mumbai HC has now granted permission to the doctors to remove fetus of up to 20 weeks. Provided the condition to do so only if the life of the mother is in danger. In the wake of such cases where permission to terminate pregnancies is on the rise, the state government should mandate the setting up of medical boards. These boards will help to check such requests, the reason behind and assure the proper processing of documents in order to help the patients further.

The bench of the Mumbai HC judges said, “Since such matters are on the rise and since the resolution of such issues brooks no delay, we have, relying mainly upon SC decisions, attempted to suggest procedures and safeguard which we propose to follow until the state formulates policies in such matters".

The HC heard the plea of Gayatri Sing, counsel for affected women, which sheds light to the fact to miscarry after 20 weeks of the gestational period in case of contingencies and life threatening situations. Darius Khambata, former advocate & General, is appointed to assist and analyze such cases to finalize the decision of termination.

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