July 20, 2019 | 11:26 AM IST
game changer award

Bollywood’s Baadshah gets felicitated with ‘Game Changer’ Award in London

King of Romance and Baadshah of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan added another feather to his bag on Tuesday after getting felicitated with a ‘Game Changer’ award at the business summit in London for his unmatched contribution to globalising Indian Cinema. Well, it can be said that the actor has made the country proud across several global platforms and has become synonymous with Bollywood for the whole world.
At various occasions, the actor has represented Indian Cinema at International platform making the nation proud with his iconic achievements globally. Recently, SRK attended the ET India-UK Strategic Conclave event, a special business summit focusing on the economic relations between India and UK, where he was honoured for his great contribution to the growth and recognition of Indian Cinema. He represented the entertainment industry at the summit and also appreciated the Television industry for its brilliant work.
He also engaged in a chat session talking about the growth of business in the world of entertainment where the actor said, “The growth for Indian films has been much smaller compared to the growth of television in India. The ratio of theatres to the audience area is still very small,” the actor said. “In the interiors of India, there are not many screens for people to go and I think there is a huge market here for entrepreneurs to get into making low-cost theatres,” he added.

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