Bollywood Movies that used VFX: before and after pictures

We often have seen jaw-dropping sequences in movies which seem real and we keep wondering do the actors have had some super-power or what, but, actually it is not. Then what is it? How the sequences are portrayed onscreen? Well, it’s a pure case of VFX technology.

VFX Technology is the process of shooting video on a solid color background (blue or green screen) and then digitally editing the background during the post production. The process is known as Chroma keying.


Salman Khan aka ‘Tiger’ is introduced in the movie with a wolf fight sequence. The heart came into the mouth while viewers were enjoying the scene, but, actually the sequence was done by VFX. The wolves in the scene, though, were real, but, Salman doesn’t have a real fight, it was all visual effects.

tiger zinda h


Bahubali – The Beginning was a next level movie that left the audiences amazed for gigantic sets and onscreen sequences. The real life and flesh of Baahubali was its mind blowing visual effects. There were total around 15 visual effects done in a movie.

bahubali 1



Salman Khan starrer Sultan was the highest grosser of the year and it’s a must say that the VFX work had only added value to the film.


Dhoom 3

Aamir Khan is surely a Mr. Perfectionist, but, he would never risk his life. Though, he has actually not ridden the bike along the rope and the stunt was actually a pure work of graphics.

dhoom 3


Most parts of the movie were shot in a swimming pool and the onscreen tiger was actually a soft toy. There were total 29 VFXs done in the movie.

life of pi

life f pi

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