June 25, 2019 | 7:23 AM IST

BJP MLA Ram Kadam faces backlash over anti-women statement

BJP MLA Ram Kadam is being highly criticized for making an anti-women statement to abduct woman in a viral video. He made a statement during Dahi Handi celebrations in Ghatkopar West in Maharashtra where a boy from the crowd said what if a boy wants to marry a girl who has turned down his proposal, replying to which Kadam said to help him by abducting the girl and presenting her before the boy and his parents for marriage. Ram Kadam found himself at the centre of a controversy after a video of him allegedly promising to abduct women, for men who seek his help, went viral.
“You can call me.. if you call me saying I have proposed a girl and need your help.. I will definitely help you.. I will call your parents and ask them…If they say they like that girl then… I will kidnap that girl and give it you.. now take my number”, Kadam found saying in a viral video.
Opposition party criticized Kadam’s statement and called BJP’s slogan as Beti Bhagao. However, later in a tweet posted late night in Marathi, the party spokesperson claimed that his statements are being taken out of context in a deliberate attempt to vilify him. "I express regret if anyone has been offended with my statement. A 54 sec video is being used to portray what I said in the wrong light by my detractors. There were a lot of journalists present when I said this and none of them objected because they heard the full statement and not just a truncated version of it," Kadam tweeted.

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