May 26, 2019 | 7:08 PM IST
mansoon season

Beauty Do’s And Don’ts of this Monsoon Season

Lots of people love monsoon season and like the smell of wet mud, pearl-like raindrops, and greenery all-around leaves a mesmerizing effect. However, at the same time, it is also essential to take preventions from tip to toe against the woes of beauty that monsoon season brings on.


Avoid trying some new hairstyle, especially in monsoon. To keep your hair clean and frizz free, try hairdo in a braided or bun style. Avoid all hair sprays and use antibacterial or anti dandruff shampoo to prevent from infection in hair scalp. In this humid weather, to keep your skin oil-free, clean your face with cleanser twice a day and cover the skin before stepping out of the house, even if its cloudy outside. Use sunscreen before going outside to maintain the PH of skin


Go with brighter colors in the rainy season and try avoiding smoky eye makeup. Use only waterproof eyeliners, kajal, and mascara to avoid smudge of eye makeup due to moisture. Eyebrows become unruly due to sweat, to avoid this, use a hair spray and brush them.


Avoid using heavy liquid foundation and go with the light BB cream which will give you a finished look. Apply compact powder or use blotting papers to remove excess oil and sweat from face. To avoid drying your face and messing makeup, prefer using only matte finish skin care products.


Even in monsoon, it is essential to smell good and look fresh for a long time. Before spraying perfumes or deodorants, apply a bit of Vaseline, which will keep the fragrance for longer hours.

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