Alyssa might be the first person to step on Mars

The 17-year-old, Alyssa Carson from Louisiana, US may become the first youngest human to step on the surface of Red Planet.


She is currently undergoing training sessions to become an astronaut and if she successfully completes the session, she would be eligible to step on Mars in 2033. Although she is not eligible to apply for the astronaut training program of NASA until she turns 18, but, she had already completed the Passport Program conducted by NASA, having a tour of all the NASA Visitors Centers of the US.

In the last 10 years, she went to space camp18 times in Turkey, Canada, Huntsville, and Missouri.

Alyssa has already learned about microgravity and oxygen deprivation, is currently learning foreign languages: Chinese, French, and Spanish. She is technically certified to go into space from Advanced Possum Academy.

Since her young age, she aspired to visit Mars, Alyssa told to Teen Vogue.

She also said, “I started watching videos of rovers landing on Mars. I had a gigantic map of Mars in my room I would look at. We started getting telescopes so we could look at space” further added, “I did the same thing as other kids, like switching my mind about careers, wanting to be a teacher or the president one day, But the way I always thought about it was I would become an astronaut, go to Mars, come back, and then be a teacher or the president.”

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