Aligarh encounter: Two criminals shot dead, Journalists invited to record the incident


Two criminals were shot dead in Aligarh by the Uttar Pradesh Police on early Thursday morning. UP Police also invited journalists to record and film the scene before the shooting.

Video clip released from the encounter site shows policemen armed with guns are chasing the criminals and firing at them.

The UP Police had been looking for Mustakim and Naushad, the two accused in at least 6 murder cases in last month. Out of 6 murders, two were of Hindu priest.

“This happened around 6:30 in the morning. Two men on a bike passed a police team and when we tried to stop them, they fired at us. We gave chase and they went and hid in an abandoned government office building about four kilometres away. They were firing at us from there too. We got reinforcements. When we fired, both of these people got hit and they were declared dead in hospital. One of our officers was also wounded,” Aligarh Police Chief Ajay Sahni said.

“These two criminals were changing their locations after committing crimes in Atrauli, Harduaganj, and Pali Mukeempur and were involved in many murders. They had robbed a man of his motorbike last night in Aligarh,” said Superintendent of Police (Rural) Aligarh, Manilal Patidar.

The police had sent the bodies to Aligarh district hospital for post mortem and had also informed the district magistrate.

A policeman also got injured during the gunfight.

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