Alert in Kerala: 12 people died due to Nipah virus

nipah in keral

Reportedly, 12 people suspected to be infected and killed in Kozhikode in North Kerala due to a deadly and infectious Nipah virus. Moreover, hundreds of people rushed to the near hospitals in panic, which forced the central government to send expert’s team to monitor and control the situation.

The Pune-based National Institute of Virology confirmed three deaths on Sunday caused by the Nipah virus and a fourth illness from the same family have also been verified. Infected victim is in critical condition and is on ventilator support.

What is Nipah virus?

nipah virus

Nipah virus (NiV) infection is a newly emerging zoonosis that causes severe disease in both animals and humans. The natural host of the virus are fruit bats of the Pteropodidae Family, Pteropus genus.

NiV was first identified in Kampung Sungai Nipah, Malaysia in 1998, where pigs were the intermediate hosts of the virus. In 2004 in Bangladesh, people got infected with NiV due to consumption of date palm sap contaminated by infected fruit bats. Human-to-human transmission has also been documented, including in a hospital setting in India.

Symptoms of Nipah virus:

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Muscle pain
  • Inflammation of the brain
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

Prevention and control:

nipah prevention

Sadly, till now there is no effective vaccine available in the medical field to treat the virus. The treatment and vaccine is mostly focused on controlling and preventing fever and the neurological symptoms. Thus, adopting standard infection control practices is vital in preventing the spread of person-to-person transmission of the disease.

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