May 26, 2019 | 7:39 PM IST
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Airbag Helmets: IIT students find a safer alternative over helmets

According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, 150785 people were killed and another 494624 were injured in 480652 road crashes in India in 2016. The numbers explain that there are 1317 crashes and 413 deaths every day (or 55 crashes and 17 deaths every hour on an average). From 2007 to 2017, the road crash death statistics have seen an increase by 31% and that of fatal road crashes increased by 25.6% during the same period.
Statistics showing no. of deaths in road accidents 

Well, one doesn’t need statistics to conclude that around 30% of the road accident deaths are caused due to serious head injuries. The Government has made several amendments in the traffic rules and regulations, but, still people hardly follow the rules risking their lives. Therefore, in a bid to combat the situation, IIT-Roorkee students have found a safer alternative for bikers, an inflatable airbag helmet.
Today, most of the latest car models are equipped with airbag safety system and as the system successfully nullifies the impact of a crash keeping the driver and passengers safe, IIT students have developed somewhat same safety system for bikers as well. The inflatable airbag helmet is developed by three final year mechanical engineering students of IIT-Roorkee, Sarang Nagwanshi, Rajvardhan Singh, and Mohit Siddha. Students got idea inspiration from inflatable space structures which are used for many space applications such as an inflatable space antenna. This inflatable helmet is not too expensive, and once the model is ready, it is expected to be priced somewhere around Rs.2000. The collar of helmet is made out of Kevlar material that houses sensors for lean angle, acceleration, velocity, etc. Thus, the moment it detects some collision, it inflates into an airbag forming a cushioning layer around the biker’s head to protect the injuries.

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