23 Killed in Coal Mine Collapse in Pakistan!

Two neighboring coal mines collapsed after gas explosion in Southwester Balochistan province in Pakistan on Sunday. 23 miners were killed in the coal mine collapse accident.

The first accident happened in Marwaarh, 45 km east of provincial capital Quetta, due to gas explosion on Saturday. The roof got blast triggered by the accumulation of methane gas; 16 miners were killed, as told by Deputy Commission Farrukh Atique to Press Agency.  273972-mineblastbalochistan-1318615246-703-640x480

Hours later, another coal mine in Sooranj area collapsed, in which seven miners were killed, Geo TV reported. Two workers were rescued in an insensible state, while two miners were recovered last night, an official said.

The rescue operation resumed Monday morning and bodies of left over five laborers were recovered. Mining is said to be highly dangerous in Pakistan where dozens of miners are killed every year due to lack of modern mining technology, facilities, training and equipment.

According to the Pakistan Central Mines Labor Federation (PCMLF), about 100 to 200 laborers die on average in coal mine accidents every year.

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