August 22, 2019 | 5:06 PM IST
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200-yr-old giant boat that ferried royal women across Gomti River unearthed

In a major discovery by Uttar Pradesh State Archaeological Department (UPSAD) found a 42-feet-long and 11-feet-wide gondola while excavating the 220-year-old Chhatar Manzil of Lucknow. The Manzil was the palace that inhabited the royal women of nawabs of Awadh.
The discovery was made on Tuesday late evening when the Uttar Pradesh Rajkiya Nirman Nigam (UPRNN) excavators stumbled upon a wooden structure that was jutting out. UPSAD officials feel that the gondola could be the royal boat used to ferry across Gomti, but are yet to find out as to how it got buried.
Director museum and additional director of UPSAD AK Singh, “It could have got buried due to floods or some other reason. Initially we thought it was a wooden beam, but after carefully removing the mud, we realised it was actually a gondola.”
Principal Secretary Culture, Jitendra Kumar furnishing information about its condition said, “The find doesn’t seem to be in a good condition and shifting it may cause further damage. Hence, it is better to maintain the giant boat at this place.”
Earlier the UPENN found a 15-sq-feet room lying beneath the imposing structures that constitute the palace complex for the women of Awadh nawabs. Later, they also found a complete storey buried for ages, says a report.
The experts have dug 19.5 feet deep revealing the hidden storey of over 220-year-old structure along with wall brackets, doors and windows etc. The experts also found two waterways that lead to the structure.

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