August 20, 2019 | 6:15 PM IST
bhopal rape

12-year-old raped, clubbed to death at Bhopal’s Manuabhan Ki Tekri

Days before her 13th birthday, a girl was raped and clubbed to death after smashing her head with huge stone at Manuabhan Ki Tekri, Bhopal on Tuesday evening. The accused is an 18-year-old, who confessed committing the crime, after a tiff with his 16-year-old girlfriend, Anita (name changed).

Anita is also the victim’s aunt and a student of Class XII studying from a reputed school in state capital. On Tuesday Anita had a date with her boyfriend, Avinash. She left home around 3 pm on the pretext of going the coaching and also took the victim along - as was the practice.
The two girls reached Karond Square by bus where they met Avinash and they together headed for Manuabhan Ki Tekri on his scooter. They reached the hillock around 4 pm shows CCTV footage. Minutes later, Anita called another male friend, a Govindpura resident Bhima (name changed), inviting him to the spot. This boy and the victim knew each other for the past six months and had even gone for a movie. When the victim’s parents learnt about it, they gave her a severe dressing down asking her never to repeat it.

Bhima reached around 5 pm but before that there arose a little tiff between Anita and Avinash and she left the spot in anger leaving the victim with Avinash.
Avinash then lured the victim to the cave which was at least 100-feet downhill and raped her. That was when a pointed stone “accidently fell on her head” and she fell unconscious. Avinash got scared and smashed her face with the same stone.
Meanwhile, Anita came back to the hillock looking for her niece. Avinash too came back and joined her in her search. Within minutes Bhima too reached the spot and started looking for the victim. Anita reached home and informed the family members. They rushed to the spot and but failed to find her. Koh-e-Fiza police registered a missing person’s complaint and searched for her till late night, but the cave was well-hidden among dense leaves.
The search resumed on Wednesday morning around 5.30 am and Avinash joined them as well and made a mistake. He pointed out to a spot that led to the cave and said that the victim must have fallen from the hill. The cops found her body. Avinash confessed to the crime and has been charged with rape, murder and destruction of evidence, said DIG Irshad Wali.

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